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TRAINING FOR TEACHERS — Creative Classrooms
Creative Classrooms offers in-service workshops and courses to teachers throughout the Northeast.

Workshops at Schools:
Creative Classrooms often acts as an in-service education clearing house, drawing on some 20 professionals to provide a wide range of in-service training.

Creative Classrooms consultants are known for their practical, hands-on sessions, which emphasize creating a learning environment that considers, teaches to, and involves the whole person. There is special emphasis on multiple intelligence and learning styles through Myers-Briggs Personality Theory.

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In-Service Training
at Your School
Following is a list of commonly requested in-service training programs for teachers available on a contract basis in their schools. Titles with asterisks can include graduate-level college credit. Other titles are available and specialized training and consulting can be developed to meet individual school needs.

bullet Age-Appropriate HIV/AIDS Education
bullet Alternative Assessment Methods*
bullet Arts And Special Needs Children
bullet Arts And The Environment
bullet Brain-Based Learning
bullet Communication Wheel
bullet Cooperative Learning Strategies
bullet Creative Drama*
bullet Developing Creativity
bullet Developing Self Concepts And Self Esteem*
bullet Everyday Ethics
bullet Fingermath
bullet Hands-On Science Techniques
bullet Image Making Within The Writing Process
bullet Inclusionary Education
bullet Integrating The Arts To Increase Learning
bullet Listening Skills
bullet Mapping Skills
bullet Multiple Intelligences: Applying Gardner’s Theory*
bullet Portfolios
bullet Practical Aspects Of Grouping
bullet Science And Math Connections
bullet Self Esteem: First Steps In Learning
bullet Skills-Based HIV/STD Teacher Training
bullet Team Building
bullet Total Body Learning : Movement And Academics*
bullet Understanding Learning Styles And Teaching Styles*


Titles with asterisks have been approved for graduate credit options through Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH.

Creative Classrooms will also work with staff/faculty to design training to meet specific needs including length and content.

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Creative Classrooms draws on the expertise of more than twenty education professionals from throughout New England.

Creative Classrooms faculty are known for their expertise and their practical, hands-on approaches to teaching and learning. Our sessions stimulate, energize and often spark immediate changes in the classroom.

Sessions range from two to 45 hours and can take place at your school or at Creative Classrooms’ home base Walnut Hill, Raymond, N.H.  If a Walnut Hill conference room is used on weekdays for Creative Classrooms sessions, the conference room rental cost is waived and, depending on the faculty, travel costs may be reduced or eliminated.

To schedule a course, telephone 603 895-2437 from 9:00 am. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday, Fax: 603-895-1326, or       E- Mail: creativenh@ttlc.net

The minimum fee for a two-hour workshop is $500 plus expenses for materials and travel (if training takes place at your facility). Fees for longer sessions and multiple sessions are negotiable.

Titles marked with asterisks have been approved by the Plymouth State University as credit-option courses. To qualify for the graduate credit option specific course lengths must be scheduled (usually 15, 30 or 45 hours for one, two or three credits respectively).  Graduate credit is an individual option. Credit can be offered to an entire group or to individuals within the group. The credit option has an additional fee per credit per person, plus a $25 registration fee. (Credit fees are subject to change and are made payable to Plymouth State University or the conferring educational institution.)

Creative Classrooms Inc. workshops and courses are recognized by the departments of education in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and other states for in-service contact hours required for teachers to maintain their certification.  All participants receive a certificate of attendance at the completion of each session.

Our Massachusetts professional provided code is 5-0255-999.

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